Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Karl's obsession with tormenting and getting rid of Martha had reached fever pitch. He could think of nothing else at all.
His hatred of Martha was apparent to Kathy, and she became increasingly worried that Karl would harm the hen.

Martha herself sensed the way Karl felt about her and that she was in danger.
She could not stand Karl and attacked him whenever she could. Better him than her she thought!

One day Karl stepped up his torment of Martha to new heights. He moved the TV with it's DVD player into the kitchen and parked it right in front of the oven door. As Martha lived inside the oven,and when she saw him, she shrank back against the back of the oven to hide herself.
Karl could see her black beady eyes shining out at him.
He inserted a disc into the player and turned everything on. He had gone and bought a "Basil Brush' DVD to torment Martha with. She was trapped inside the oven and forced at length to listen to "Basil Brush" singing away loudly. A fox, which are common throughout Scotland, are a hen's worst nightmare. Their biggest predator.
A hen would not stand a chance when a fox raided a chicken coop.
For Martha to be forced to watch and listen to "Basil Brush" sent shivers down her spine. Karl was sending her a threat and a warning through the "Basil Brush" DVD.
He took to walking round the house singing the theme tune loudly for Martha to hear. When Kathy was not around, he would put the TV in front of the open oven door and play the DVD over and over again!
He went out and bought a fox costume and mask, which he would put on and crawl around the kitchen floor and in front of the Aga, growling the whole time. He would then laugh his maniacal and horrible laugh!
When Kathy was away or passed out drunk, he would do nothing but torment and worry Martha. He took to singing the "Basil Brush " theme tune and other songs while wearing his costume and mask.
Martha was forced to endure this torture. She became anxious and worried constantly about Karl letting a fox into the house to eat her!
She took to hiding in the warming chamber of the Aga. It afforded her privacy and protection!

Karl would go up to bed at night and leave the TV and DVD player on all night,.programming the DVD player to play the DVD over and over again all night!
There was no escape for poor Martha. He was going to slowly and cruelly torment her to death.
This sick and perverse psychopath showed no mercy or any sign of letting up on Martha. Her health began to suffer as she no longer left the oven at all for food or water. Her mental health was affected as well and she had lost her spirit and spark as she fell into a deep depression.

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