Monday, 5 August 2013

Martha would even perch upon a stool at the kitchen table which Mr Findleyson had provided for her.
He would share his toast with her at breakfast and other bits and pieces at lunch and dinner.
As they sat at the table, he would talk to Martha and she would cluck back at him.
He knew she did not understand a word he was saying but he could not help himself. He was fond of all his hens but he loved Martha. She was good company and would even sit with him while he watched TV or listened to the wireless. She would cluck away as they sat in the lounge.

In the winter there would be a big roaring fire going in the large Inglenook fireplace.
His farmhouse was over 300 years old and still retained a lot of the original features.
The Inglenook fireplace being one of them.
There were large wooden beams throughout the house and the original stone floor in the kitchen and pantry, with the original oak floorboards in the rest of the house.

The farm had belonged to his parents and they had kept the house as traditional as they could.
Mr Findleyson had not changed a thing and it was still as his parents had left it.

In the winter, with the fire roaring away, he would usually fall asleep in his comfortable recliner by 10.00 pm. He was tired after a long days work, not to mention getting up at 5.00 am everyday, no matter what the weather was like! Good or bad, he still had work to do.
It was 7 days a week to run a farm. He was also not as young as he once was and had slowed down over the years. He was now 73 and rheumatism had set in. So he would fall asleep on the settee or his recliner with Martha clucking away beside him!

He would usually wake up in the middle of the night and put Martha to her bed in the kitchen and then he would take himself up to bed.
During the day, Martha followed him wherever he went. She clearly loved him and was devoted to him. They had a very special relationship and a deep understanding of each other.

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