Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Norfolk Show was now two weeks away and George had hired and briefed the "ringer" judges.
There were two of them. An elderly woman and an elderly man.
They both looked very distinguished and above board. In reality these two people were plebeian's of a depraved nature!

The female judge was 67 years old, married, a mother to three grown children and a grandmother of 7 grandchildren. Her name is Hillary Lumsden, who lives in the countryside outside Aberdeen.
By day this "twinset and pearls" grandmother does voluntary work for the homeless and mentally impaired. She is a pillar of her community.
By night, her and her husband are king and queen of the dogging fraternity! Active participants for over 40 years.
They are well known on the dogging scene by the police in their community.
With the advent of the internet, they were the first to have a website devoted to dogging.
They would share with their fellow dogging enthusiasts, which forests, lanes, carparks and countryside clearings were the most active, exciting and frequented.

Hillary and her husband , despite their advancing years, still travelled the country to engage in dogging!
In fact they were considered "hardcore" by other doggers.

The other elderly judge was Cedric Henderson, originally from Cornwall, he had been living in Edinburgh for over 40 years.
Before he retired, he had been a religious teacher to an all boys prep school.
He had taught at the same school throughout his career.
A quiet and distinguished man who had never married.

Reclusive since retirement with few friends and no family to speak of.
This shy and retiring bachelor was really a depraved and perverted paedophile with a long and sordid past of sexually abusive young boys.

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