Saturday, 3 August 2013

Nowadays he concentrated on his vast collection of child pornography he stored on his computer.
He sold and traded images with his fellow paedophiles who trawled the internet, speaking in code as not to get caught.
His collection of child porn was supposedly the largest in Britain and Europe.
The majority of the images were of young boys up to the age of thirteen.
After thirteen, the underground world of paedophiles who bought and sold these vile images were not really interested.
These evil, sick, twisted and sexually depraved men only liked really young boys and girls. The younger the better!

Cedric had spent his adult life amassing child porn images and had made a fortune from them over the years.
He had gone into teaching to cover up his perverted ways and to gain respectability, which afforded discretion to ply his sick and evil trade.
He was no longer sexually active but when he had been, it was with young boys, some of them his students at the time!

Cedric and Hillary didn't just happen upon each other, no they had been working as "ringer" judges together for the past 7 years. They were not friends, just co-workers.
Hillary despised Cedric's sick and perverted way of life.

They were known as the best and most distinguished looking "ringer" judges throughout the world of competitions where judges were prevalent.
They became "experts" of the theme or subjects they were judging. They could turn their hand to any competition because of their distinguished looks, elderly appearance and the fact that they both thoroughly researched the subject of a competition that they were judging. They both did their homework leading up to any competition they were judging.
Whether they were judging livestock, highland dancing, flower arranging, cooking and baking, art exhibits, hand knitting or even judging local gardens in a community, they appeared experts in that field.

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